Local products

Cretan products are famous for their quality throughout the world.

Olive and Olive oil


Cretan Olive oil is the greatest secret of the Cretan Dieat and the Cretan longevity. The Cretan Olive oil that is produced in Crete has exquisite quality and the olive products are internationally recognized.

Cretan cheese


In Crete there is a big production of a variety of cheese. Cretan eat cheese during the day, in their breakfast, lunch and meal, as e presnack or as main snack (it is called meze) and they also eat as desert (with Cretan honey or in small pies called mizithropitakia). The Cretan cheese is considered to be a product of exquisite quality and it can compete other cheese around the world!

Cretan Vineyard


The Cretan Vineyards produce grapes which make some of the bestwines in Greece.

Cretan honey


Since the prehistoric years, Cretans have been familiar with honey-making and have included it in their diet. Cretan honey is a clear, light-coloured honey of exceptionally high quality with the highest viscosity in Greece. The strong relationship between the Cretans and bees goes back a very long time. In Greek mythology, the bee (“Melissa”) was the daughter of Crete’s first king Melisseas. She nested inside the sacred cave, the birthplace of Zeus and became his nanny.

In ancient times, the Cretans believed that their island produced the best honey because it was Melissa herself who taught them the art of beekeeping. She was entrusted by Zeus’s mother with his upbringing and accomplished her task by feeding him the golden treasure of Crete.